Our transformative Parkinson’s Retreats & Getaways, are more than just a holiday, they’re a life-changing experience tailored specifically for those living with symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Join International Parkinson’s Coach Irene Treacy and like-minded individuals to engage in physical, mental and spiritual teachings from world-renowned doctors, neurologists, spiritual teachers and human behaviour specialists.
These retreats & getaways are a unique opportunity to explore new techniques for slowing the progression of Parkinson’s while enjoying the beauty of Tramore, Lanzarote or Thailand. 
These retreats aren’t just about managing Parkinson’s – they’re about reclaiming your independence and joy, and shaping a future filled with possibilities. 
Whether you want to just get away on your own for a few days by the Seaside to a safe welcoming space or would like to immerse yourself in a group setting, learning techniques that have helped people slow the progression of Parkinson´s, we have the ideal solution for you.


3 Day Getaways
In Tramore, Co.Waterford, Ireland

8 Day Retreats
In Lanzarote (Spain) or Phuket (Thailand)

3 Day Getaways in Tramore, Co.Waterford, Ireland

A unique opportunity to take control of your healing in a Relaxing and Supportive environment with an experienced Coach that has proven results in helping clients Slow Progression and Reverse Symptoms of Parkinson´s.

From my experience working with People with Parkinsons, they are still stuck in fight or flight from not dealing with emotional distress from diagnosis. Very few people actually release the trauma from the diagnosis and take a systematic approach to working on slowing the progression and even reversing symptoms.

Fear of the future and limiting beliefs in their own healing abilities often prevents them in taking the necessary action and this is where I am here to help.
This is the foundation of all my work, it´s to help people come to terms of their diagnosis, teach proven techniques to slow the progression and have some fun along the way!

After spending 3 days with me, you´ll leave feeling happier, more confident and have hope for a brighter future. We will achieve this by working together on releasing trauma, limiting beliefs and
self-sabotage patters and also by learning how to regulate your nervous system to bring your body back to a state of homeostasis.

We’ll be learning and practicing a combination of scientific and spiritual teachings from some of the most recognised doctors, neurologists, healers, and human behaviour specialists
around the world.

We’ll work together to find the healing patterns that you enjoy and create a routine that will be motivational, inspirational, and most of all empowering, so that you can do this yourself at, home or anywhere you want, putting your health in your own hands. 

Our goal will be to create an individualised healing blueprint that will help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. Our ultimate goal is to slow your progression, reverse symptoms  and create healthy habits to maintain your health so you can live the life
you want.

I have also experienced many who are still in shock and denial of their diagnosis and don´t necessarily want to know all that has to be done they just want to escape their current reality
and I can help you with that too. If you just want to come stay with me in Tramore, spend time in Nature and do your own thing, that´s completely understandable too and there´s a place here for you too.

People with Parkinson’s that are ready and willing to put in the work and focus on their healing.
Loved ones who have partners with Parkinson’s who don’t want to do the course but want the knowledge.

Health & Fitness Professionals that want to gain further education in helping people with Parkinson’s by using proven techniques.

This information will inevitable help whoever takes the course as it’s beneficial for everybody.

Sample Structure of 3 Day Getaways

Arriving before 11AM with Intent on Releasing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating over the next 3 days.
Check out of any stress & worries and check into a calm & natural environment, leaving your phone with me so you so you can benefit from a Digital Detox too.
These 3 days are about you having a break away from the normal stresses of life while learning & applying the best Scientific & Spiritual healing methods I know, discovering many different
modalities, applying them & finding what works best for you.

DAY 1 – Sharing where you are in your life now, how you got to be in this situation and where you what to go. This is where we also release emotional and physical wounds that you have been carrying
around through a beautiful and extremely powerful Hawaiian prayer “ Ho´oponopono “.

DAY 2 – Learning all about the Nervous System and how to Self-Regulate so you can bring your body into a calm, relaxed state. We will be learning and practicing both Scientific & Spiritual
teachings that have proven to give more power & control over you own Healing and improved confidence in the power of your own healing abilities.

DAY 3 – Sharing Scientific & Spiritual mindset strategies that help you improve belief in your own healing abilities, remove doubts so you can activate the hormones of healing.

We will be creating your personalised routine for Slowing your progression & reversing symptoms of Parkinson´s.
Together we will create a blueprint with realistic and achievable goals that will help motivate you to continue the new techniques you’ve learned.

We will also work on overcoming limiting beliefs and self-
sabotage patterns to avoid these pitfalls to ensure your success in having a Happier & Healthier life.

The investment for you to learn how to slow your Parkinson’s is from €999 per person ( 3 People), €1199 person (2 people) or €1499 for 3 Days of Private Personal Coaching all inclusive.

If you only want to escape to the Seaside and do your own thing for 3 days, I can provide Bed and light breakfast and you take care of yourself for the rest and that is €199 in single room.
€50 supplement per night for brand new apartment attached to the house
If you´d like to stay any extra nights, it’s €50 per night Bed and Breakfast

What’s included:

  • Pre-arrival Zoom coaching session
  • Personal coaching in Slowing the Progression of Parkinson’s over 3 days
  • 3 nights accommodation in Irene’s home overlooking Tramore beach
  • 3 Healthy homemade Breakfast and Lunches
  • 3 Evening Means with drinks (allowance of €50 per day for food and drink)
  • Entry fee to Japanese Gardens
  • Post-departure Zoom coaching session
  • Irene will join you for meals unless you’d rather eat alone in reflection

These are tailored for people that are newly diagnosed or loved ones with Parkinson´s who also may want the knowledge to bring home and help them.
I also welcome anybody who just want´s to get away for 3 days by the beach to release, relax and unwind by themselves while having a safe secure base in the centre of Tramore overlooking the Beach.

This can be both for people with Parkinson’s or a loved one who is just looking to get away and have some private space for relaxation without any coaching or meals.

This option is only €199 for the 3 days Bed and Continental Breakfast.

My house is on Church Road in the centre of Tramore and overlooking Tramore Bay.

We are a few minutes walk to the beach, Doneraile walk, local Churches and all shops, bars and restaurants.
We have private parking and if you´re travelling by bus, I shall meet you at the bus station in Tramore.

Yes, I offer private coaching both on line and in person. If you are local, we can arrange private personal sessions or there is the option to stay elsewhere and do private coaching with me at home.

I can help you find alternative accommodation if you´d like to stay elsewhere.

As with all my coaching, it´s personalised to suit my clients needs so all dates are on application to suit you.

Please contact me on +353 85 8525766 or CLICK HERE to book a free, no obligation consultation to see if this is the right offering for you.

What's Next?

If you are curious if this is going to help you slow your progression of Parkinson´s, book a free, no
obligation consultation and I will talk you though the programme personally and you decide if this is
the right fit for you.
Let me help you by showing you exactly what´s possible that others have not shown you before.

One of my favourite sayings is “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” so go ahead and book that call now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Irene Treacy X

7 Day Parkinson's Retreats
Lanzarote (Spain) & Phuket (Thailand)

Research shows when we change our environment, especially to a warmer climate, it will give immediate positive boost to our mood, energy and enthusiasm levels and this is exactly what we want as we holiday and learn at the same time.

Having lived in Lanzarote for 10 years, it´s like my second home and stayed in Phuket 3 times and definitely one of my favourite travel destinations in the World, I´m so excited to invite you here with me for our Release, Relax & Rejuvenate Parkinson´s Retreats.

Our retreats have all the same information as The Getaways, only we have more time to delve deeper into the emotional side of getting a diagnosis of Parkinson´s.

In Phuket we are thrilled to be hosting our retreat in
This is an amazing retreat facility with cleanses, juices, vegan food and personalised health plan made with their own therapists.

All rooms are on site and a short taxi ride to the Kata Beach.
More information on the Phuket Retreat coming soon

One of my favourite places in the World is Lanzarote, Canary Island (Spain) and I am super excited to invite you here for 8 days of Relaxing, Rejuvenating, learning how to slow the progression of Parkinson´s on this tropical Island.

More information on the Lanzarote Retreats coming soon

People with Parkinson’s that are ready and willing to put in the work and focus on their healing.
Loved ones who have partners with Parkinson’s who don’t want to do the course but want the knowledge.

Health & Fitness Professionals that want to gain further education in helping people with Parkinson’s by using proven techniques.

This information will inevitable help whoever takes the course as it’s beneficial for everybody.

8.00 –  9.00     Breakfast

9.00 – 9.45       Physical Workout

10.00 – 11.00    Interactive Workshop

11.00 – 1.00       Free Time to Chill Out

1.00 – 2.00        Lunch

2.00 – 2.45       Emotional Healing

3.00 – 4.00      Spiritual Healing

  • Private one on one sessions with Jackie & Lynne can be arranged during your free time.
  • Physical work outs include Smovey, yoga, swimming, aqua aerobics and dancing.
  • Emotional workouts dealing with diagnosis, emotions, wheel of life, recognising and overcoming limiting beliefs, recognising & overcoming self-sabotage patterns, values and goals!
  • Spiritual healing will take place through practising forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, meditation & art. 

Your investment is €2,240 per person sharing (€300 single supp). 


Which includes:

  • Airport transfers both ways
  • A pre-retreat coaching call with Irene
  • A welcome reception & light dinner on the first night
  • Fresh continental breakfast and light lunch every day
  • One on one private yoga session with Lynne
  • Live daily group coaching on ways to slow the progression of Parkinson´s through physical, emotional and spiritual modalities
  • Private one on one sessions with Irene to achieve your unique Parkinson’s management goals
  • Private one on one session with Jackie Potter to explore strategies to reduce and reverse your Parkinson’s symptoms
  • A bus tour around the island on a free day taking in the very best of stunning Lanzarote
  • BBQ with a selection of meats, fish and fresh salads on one night 
  • Farewell meal at one of Lanzarote’s finest restaurants
  • A post retreat coaching call with Irene

If you would like to share a room with somebody else of the same sex, please let me know and I will match you with a buddy. This will keep costs down and allow you to make a new friend.

You’re also welcome to bring a partner or friend and they are welcome to join in the activities or enjoy the island at their own leisure.

  • 26th April 2024 X 7 Nights
  • 10th May 2024 X 7 Night

What's Next?

If you feel the group retreat is the best option for you, then I’d love to hear from you!

Book a call where we can discouss your individual needs at following link:

Thanks very much, I am looking forward to hearing from you and working together to slow your progression of Parkinson’s.

Irene Treacy X

FREE WEBINAR: Identifying limiting beliefs and overcoming them

Break free from self-doubt & unlock your full potential by identifying & overcoming limiting beliefs in this free webinar.

WHEN: July 24th 8pm Irish time
Register below for the Zoom link.