Smovey is a multi-award winning vibration therapy tool invented by a man with Parkinson's to improve mobility, flexiblity and more.

Smovey is Oscillation of the rings forwards, backwards or in a circular formation prompts the steel balls to move as free mass, generating the vibration that is typical of smovey by way of their rolling motion across the grooves and ridges of the spiral. This vibration, which occurs within a frequency range that is in consonance with the human organism, is immediately palpable in the palms of the hands.


Designed to offer an increased level of fitness, happiness, and relief, by stimulating the body and mind


Vibrations are transferred throughout the body and have a extremely positive effect on the body and mind

Increased Mobility – much more flexible than before and able to increase their range of motion. Depending on the moves you do, you can start off with limited mobility and increase as the weeks go by.

Reducing Pain in the Body – the vibration will help reduce inflammation in the body and therefore pain. This is great for reducing rigidity and stiffness, especially around the shoulders. SmoveyMED can also be used as a massage tool which will have immediate effect on reducing rigidity.

Improves Digestion & Reduces Constipation – by massaging the smovey on your tummy area this will literally unblock your digestive system leaving you less bloated and much more regular.

Strengthen muscles & core body strength – by using as recommended for 15 minutes daily you will quickly begin to feel stronger which will have a huge positive effect in every area of your life.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress – the vibrations travel through the central nervous system and has a very pleasing effect on the body and mind – as personally recommended by Dr. Peter A Levine

Improves Balance & Coordination – almost everybody will notice this within a few weeks as when smovey used in a certain cross motion patterns, its activates both, the right & left-hand side of your brain helping dramatically with balance and coordination.

Reduces Freezing Episodes – Many of my clients and smovey coaches who have Parkinson’s have said the vibrations have reduced the amount of freezing episodes they get.

Increases Circulation – the vibrations activate the reflex zones in the palm of your hands which travel through the entire body from your brains to your toes and increase circulation everybody which has been very beneficial for elderly especially when they have arthritis.

My promise to you is after 30 days of using smovey, you will feel:

If you don’t feel at least 4 of the above benefits within 30 days of using, please return for a full money back guarantee.

*Must use every day at least 20 minutes for 30 days to get these benefits**